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Infinity Pyrenees: two cycling routes that take you to know in depth the Aragonese Pyrenees (Spain)

La Jacetania and Alto Gállego are imposed as a reference destination with Infinity Pyrenees, the new tourist brand that gathers all the cycling tourism offer.

We have already mentioned in Go Aragón that Aragón is the third destination in Spain that receives more international tourists for cycling tourism. And in one of our news we selected cycling routes to enjoy our community, whatever your level. It is true that much of this offer is collected in the tourist offices and in the portal AragonBike, but there is no roadmap for the cyclist that allows him to decide at a glance what routes to do in Aragon and the associated services. Steps are being taken to achieve this, such as the new tourist brand Infinity Pyrenees, created by the regions of La Jacetania and Alto Gállego, which aims to bring together the entire offer of sports cycling tourism in the territory. These two regions want to become a national cycling destination, because between the two routes there are more than 1,300 kilometers of pure enjoyment on wheels. There are two different itineraries, one for mountain biking (500 kilometers) and the other for road cycling (800 kilometers), which attracts many followers in the area.

But the portal not only collects the cycling routes, what makes it different from other existing websites is that it also serves as a sample of the wide range of services available in the area: from bike rental, workshop in case of an unforeseen event, a taxi-transfer to put the bike and to move with her and also the supply of accommodation of all kinds in the two regions.

Why Infinity Pyrenees is an ideal place for cyclotourism? 23 mountain passes, 3 mountain bike centers and 2 bikeparks between nature, heritage and leisure for all tastes.

Road route

More than 800 kilometers of road routes that will take you with ports like this one, the Somport. (Photo: infinitypirineos.com)

A route of 800 kilometers within two regions may seem crazy, but it is true that it is more than 800 kilometers by road that will take the cyclist to know the most special corners of these two regions, La Jacetania and Alto Gállego, as well as climb its most characteristic ports, which are nothing more and nothing less than 23. If you are not used to accumulate much slope in your legs can be a little hard, because it adds more than 14,000 meters of positive difference in altitude.

This road route is recommended to do, starting and finishing in Jaca, a central ring of 302 kilometers, 8 passes and 5,283 meters of positive vertical drop that passes through the main centers of the two regions and that allows you to adapt the route to different stages depending on your needs. Despite being circular, you can start the route where it suits you best. In addition, Infinity Pyrenees has chosen 16 complementary ascents to mountain passes to reach unique places.

This route runs through towns like Jaca, Castiello de Jaca, Aísa, Aragüés del Puerto, Hecho, Ansó, Berdún, Bailo, Santa Cilia, Santa Cruz de la Serós, Ibort, Sabiñánigo, Biescas, Panticosa, Sallent de Gállego or Senegüé.

Among these places that make this route a privilege for all the senses, it is worth mentioning the ascent to picturesque mountain refuges in spectacular surroundings, such as Linza or Lizara; the Panticosa Baths or the Selva de Oza to feel the fullness of the Pyrenees; reach unique jewels of Romanesque heritage as the Monastery of San Juan de la Peña, embedded in the rock after a demanding ascent from Santa Cruz; know quiet mountain villages hidden between ports; and access to virtually unpopulated areas by roads that will allow you to feel the real silence, as in the Serrablo or Sobremonte, through Barbenuta and Espierre.

Each highlighted mountain pass has its technical data sheet, description, the most interesting points along the ascent and the possibility to download the track.

Mountain route

The mountainbike route includes three mountainbike centers, such as the Jaca Pirineos Bikeland. (Photo: infinitypirineos.com)

For mountain bike lovers, Infinity Pyrenees also has prepared routes along forest tracks and trails that vertebrate these two regions. In total, more than 525 kilometers, 15,000 meters of positive elevation gain and three mountain bike centers. It is a central ring similar to the road route but covering fewer kilometers, since it connects the five enclaves of the territory with the greatest offer of complementary routes and mountain bike trails. Among them, three mountain bike centers stand out (Jaca Pirineos Bikeland, Pirineos Alto Gállego and Los Valles On Bike) with trails for all levels and two other areas very popular with downhill enthusiasts (Villanúa and Panticosa).

With this route you will climb on MTB to the best viewpoints of the Aragonese Pyrenees in the two regions, you will pass through the ruins of uninhabited villages that are part of the history of Aragon, you will enjoy the spectacular network of forest trails that vertebrate the territory, you will reach villages of authentic Pyrenean essence and lively centers to which you will want to return (Sabiñánigo, Biescas, Villanúa, Canfranc, Panticosa, Escarilla, Sallent de Gállego…) and, the best thing about this route is that you will be able to enjoy the best views of the Pyrenees…. ) and, the best thing about this route is that you will pass through two natural parks that will make you realize the rich landscape and the contrates of the territory.

The routes will lead you to discover places to enjoy Argon’s heritage in a different way. In the picture, the Canfranc station. (Photo: turismodearagon.com)
Meet the museums in the province of Huesca (and through which the Infinity Pyrenees route passes) that you can not miss

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