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Zaragoza awards the first 20 Sustainable Gastronomic Destination Seals

The initiative, framed in the Ibero-American Capital of Sustainable Gastronomy that Zaragoza holds, is awarded to all restaurants that commit to consolidate the city as a sustainable gastronomic destination.

A total of 21 catering establishments in Zaragoza have received this morning the Sustainable Gastronomic Destination Seal that certifies their commitment, through different actions, to reduce the carbon footprint, optimize food waste and the commitment to zero kilometer products. The initiative is promoted by the Deputy Mayor’s Office, Culture and External Projection together with the Ibero-American Academy of Gastronomy and is part of the events of the Ibero-American Capital of Sustainable Gastronomy that Zaragoza holds until June 2023.

“The seal certifies and differentiates establishments that show vocation and commitment to making the city a sustainable gastronomic destination”, explained the Deputy Mayor of Zaragoza and Councilor for Culture and External Projection, Sara Fernández, who praised “the work, effort and professionalism of the entire sector to offer the best image and service to the people of Zaragoza and visitors”.

To obtain the badge, the establishments have certified different measures in three strategic lines. Thus, in measuring the carbon footprint, the fuel consumption of the establishment and its related vehicles, gas leaks and electricity consumption are studied. In addition, water consumption, cleaning services, employee commuting to the workplace and product consumption are also analyzed. These actions are recorded in the different areas such as kitchen, transportation, warehouse and canteen.

On the other hand, in the line aimed at optimizing food waste, establishments must follow the priority order of prevention, reuse, recycling and recovery. Food waste contributes negatively to climate change, since one third of greenhouse gases come from its production systems. Along these lines, Zaragozan businesses certified with the Sustainable Gastronomic Destination Seal must pay attention to the proper rotation cycles of goods, adequate storage conditions, the preference of suppliers that offer local products, the menu configuration, the recommended quantities in the dishes, the possibility for the customer to take home the leftovers, or the use of organic waste for other uses or the correct recycling of the same.

Finally, for the certification issued, the use of km 0 products is valued, placing gastronomy as a symbol of identity and differentiation of a social group, historically finding its authenticity in the ingredients available for seasonality and proximity. In this matter, the Sustainable Gastronomic Destination Seal analyzes the supply, storage and dining room service processes, assessing aspects such as information on the origin of the goods, the rotation of fresh consumption, the display and sale of proximity products in the premises, the integration of these foods in the menu or the dissemination among customers of the km 0 concept.

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